Anchor Your Business for Demand Success in 2023 no matter the headwinds

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If there is anything we learned throughout the Covid pandemic, trouble in one sector could lead to a recession in others. With the global economic slowdown well underway, the recent banking crisis presents long-term challenges for businesses in the U.S. and around the globe.

We want to change all that.

We are bringing back our award-winning INFUSE 100 program to lend a helping hand to tech companies whose pipelines risk drying up as they look to secure their own financial stability.

100 free verified leads
plus access to our recession insights and data to drive growth in 2023

100 free
verified leads
Engage verified opportunities fit for your solutions—curated by our demand experts.
Voice of the Marketer & Voice of the Buyer Surveys
Set course for demand success in 2023 with findings from our exclusive surveys with B2B decision makers.
Recession marketing playbook
Best practices informed by decades of experience to futureproof your business for growth and ROI.

Get access to the INFUSE 100 content hub

Curated survey data, step-by-step strategies, and continuously updated advice by B2B leaders to help your business drive positive outcomes in 2023

Voice of the Marketer & Voice of the Buyer Surveys:
Select findings from our exclusive research on buying priorities, the evolving role of content, resource allocation, and much more.
Recession Marketing Playbook:
Actionable advice for organizing your business for growth, including what activities to stop, maintain, and start to resonate with buyers this year.
Continuously updated:
The content hub is continuously updated to address pressing issues as they emerge to guide your demand generation efforts.

The INFUSE 100 program is designed for qualified businesses with marketing teams that can take advantage of the richness of its data and content resources. APPLY TODAY

Alex Kesler,
Founder & CEO of INFUSEmedia

Anchor your organization for demand success in 2023

2023 is shaping up to be a year that requires marketing and sales leaders to evolve to meet and overcome the new challenges in their industries. Undoubtedly, the shock waves felt in tech and fin serv will reflect onto other sectors of the global economy.

We aim to offer valuable advice and ideas for generating demand in the face of new economic realities, enabling you to capitalize on opportunities for growth despite the obstacles you may face.

Let’s work together to create opportunities for long-term growth and positive outcomes for our clients, partners, and communities.

Welcome to the
INFUSE 100 Resource Center

3-Step Recession Playbook

Our demand experts present a variety of strategies compressed into 3 actionable steps to futureproof your business.

Learn with this breakdown:
  • Focus: What to direct attention to now
  • Maintain: Marketing tactics to foster business health
  • Grow: Strategies to stimulate your business growth

Evolution of the Marketer Webinar

Evolve your strategy to meet stakeholder expectations with expert advice from our senior demand leadership.

Learn with this breakdown:
  • How to act upon findings from our exclusive 2023 research
  • What strategies to implement to drive performance
  • How to adapt to changes in buyer behavior and the latest marketing trends

Voice of the Marketer & Voice of the Buyer Surveys

Our exclusive research with 1100+ global leaders and buyers reveals:

Learn why:
  • Sales cycles are longer

  • Buying committees are larger

  • Buyers consume more content

Further demand generation resources

Key assets from our demand experts to inform your marketing strategy

Recession Marketing Checklist

Evaluate if your campaign is futureproofed for business growth in just two minutes.
Download the checklist

Outlook 2023: Insights by INFUSE leaders to guide your marketing strategy

Key trends that will determine success:

  • The importance of data and tech to inform decision making and drive revenue
  • The changing needs of buyers and why businesses must enable users at target accounts with relevant experiences
  • The alliances to forge to gain market share during an economic slowdown

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